Welcome To Our New Payments Dashboard

Today,  we are releasing a new version of our dashboard to the market. We have been working on it all spring and are very proud to be able finally bring it to our customers. Our main goal in life is to make moving money internationally simple. Whether that is paying suppliers overseas, or being paid by international customers, we think using Align’s new app will save our customers time and money.

Don’t continue to stand in line at the bank to make international wire transfers, forget sending money and waiting several days to find out whether it has arrived or not, and most importantly stop paying your bank such high fees when they neglect you time and again.

Align was built by engineers and businessmen familiar with the problems of moving money abroad to do business. The new dashboard is born out of those frustrations with the correspondent banking system and designed to be as flexible as possible to help facilitate payments in any size to over 60 countries.

It is a product of its time, using a flexible service oriented architecture with the latest distributed technologies, including the blockchain, to facilitate cross border transactions at high speed and with end to end tracking.

We have included some how-to guides below to take you through the new experience. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a demo you are most welcome to at the link provided.

We hope you will enjoy the time and money you save using Align and spend it productively. We continue to spend our time working to bring you new features to help cater to the bespoke payment environment we know our customers operate in every day.










For a demo:


James is a veteran capital markets and fintech guy who loves to be in the mix and shaking things up. He's dealt with all sorts of clients, from huge hedge funds and asset managers, to small start-ups importing organic dog biscuits from Australia. He's also on twitter @digi_cole

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